Sappho’s First Kiss

When first sweet Sappho
Kissed me, I was shocked
The secret of my sexuality
Was finally unlocked

Sex had always left me cold
With no heat or fire
Now with Sappho’s kiss
I felt the burning desire

This was the first time
I’d felt this way
It never occurred to me
That I might be gay

Her hands fondled me
Inside my open shirt
Then she kissed my breasts
And her hand was up my skirt

My head was swimming
As my nipples felt her lips
Then she pulled my pants down
Over my trembling hips

While she sucked my nipples
And kissed my breasts
I felt the ecstasy
Of Sappho’s pudendal caress

A First Time For Everything

Many poems about lesbian love are exploitative, but Paul's account of a young woman's initiation is sensitive, not sensationalist.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

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