Sappho’s Intimate Kiss

In my nakedness I surrendered to her
Yielding to her dominance
Like a bitch before her alpha
Proffering my soft underbelly
She knelt before me
And pushed my thighs apart
My head swam
And my heart beat hard in my chest
Blood coursed through my veins
And roared in my ears
Then she leant forward
And kissed my quivering belly
And began her southerly progression
Moving slowly and purposely
And kissing my skin along the route
She paused to nuzzled my bush
Savoring the scent
Then she arrived at the source of my anticipation
The mound of eager flesh
The expectant petals open
Moist like a dewy rose
Then her tongue touched the petals
Of my moist blossom
And my body shook
With each clitoral stimulation
Of this oral assignation
My body quaked in spasm
Of each successive orgasm
Until I reached that enviable state of bliss
Thanks to Sappho’s intimate kiss

The Heights of Passion

It's extraordinarily difficult to know whether a male can write credibly about lesbianism, but Paul takes a noble stab at it.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

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