I Spied a Christian Maid

From my pew
Where I stood and prayed
My eyes were fixed
On a Christian maid

Is it inappropriate?
My lecherous behaviour
When in church
Worshipping the saviour

I studied every inch
Right down to the floor
Instead of hymn numbers
Vital statistics I saw

A glimpse of lace
A bra strap showing
My eyes consumed her
Without her knowing

The tightness of her jeans
Her shape within
I missed the sermon
Doubtless about sin

A sight to feast my eyes
Which affected me so
That I had a quiver in my voice
And a tingle down below

Oh lord forgive me
For being such a sinner
But you must admit
She really is a stunner

Lecherous Behaviour

A midly titillating and rather longer poem in which a man is distracted from a church service by the alluring sight of one of his fellow churchgoers.


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