The Wonderful Girl I See

Why do I love you?
Well it could be
Because you’re beautiful
Or that you’re funny

It could perhaps be
That you laugh at my jokes
Or that you chose me
When there are better blokes

It might be because
You’re caring and sharing
Or of modest disposition
Though cautiously daring

Why do I love you?
It could quite easily be
Your wisdom and intelligence
Or that you’re pretty and witty

But it doesn’t matter
What superlatives I apply
Or how long the list of traits
And attributes that I supply
You wouldn’t recognise them
The wonderful girl I see
Would be a stranger to you
Such is your modesty

Irony Alert

A romantic poem which will be read by some as ironic and others as warmly endearing. I'd be inclined to the latter view, having encountered plenty of Paul's barbed offerings.


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