It was to be another business dinner
Another fabulous restaurant
Another expensive meal,
Or should I say “dining experience”
At someone else’s expense
This time a Paris nightspot
Of great renown
But more boring business talk
More boring company
But then quelle surprise
Out of the blue and quite unexpected
Une jeune fille
How pretty she was
La belle fille
With huge brown eyes
And long dark hair
Une petite fille
Her name was Florence
The niece of our host
Only in Paris for one night
And did we mind if she joined us?
As if we would mind
A bunch of boring business men
Or a bunch of boring business men
And a beautiful young woman
No contest to my mind,
I was besotted by this beautiful creature
When the waiter came
The American next to me
Ordered a steak, well done
“And for you monsieur?”
“I’ll take her, any way she comes”
Fortunately I only said it in my head

A Renaissance Masterpiece

A business dinner in Paris of greatly enlivened by the appearance of the hosts enchanting daughter.


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