The Most Perfect Woman

If I could make
The perfect wife
To keep with me
All of my life

If I was able to
Build the perfect one
I would chose Charlie’s legs
And Brenda’s bum
Laura’s breasts
And Eliza’s back 
Annie’s arms
And Connie’s neck
Jenny’s hands
And Sarah’s toes
Cassie’s ears
And Karen’s nose
Maureen’s mouth
And Stephanie’s grin
Doreen’s hair
And Patricia’s skin
Charlotte’s voice
And Debbie’s eyes
Joanne’s teeth
And Susan’s thighs
Emma’s grace
And Christine’s hips
Diane’s heart
And Penny’s lips

If this was something
That I could do
She would still not
Be as good as you

Pick and Mix

The fantasy scenario of creating a perfect life (or sex) partner doesn't come close to the reality of what's available 'off the shelf'.


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