Humorous Love Poems 2

A further collection of humorous love poems from the pen of Paul Curtis. From an alluring creature espied in church to the romantic possibilities of a female cellist, the poems focus on the lighter side of human love and the libido.

If You Were a Star

Light and fluffy, cute and cuddly, it's a romantic poem to bring a twinkle to your eye. Less an intellectually challenging poem, more a poem for the intellectually challenged.

Whether Or When

A man speculates rather wildly about when and with whom he’ll fall in love.

I Spied A Christian Maid

The sight of a beautiful maiden across a crowded church proves something of a distraction for the author in this poem which mixes the humorous with the mildly sensuous.

Speech Impediment

A young man finally overcomes his nerves and plucks up courage to speak to the girl he waits each morning with at the bus stop.

The Cat’s Whiskers

A love poem that begins You are simply the bee’s knees could go one of two ways, but as I've plonked it in the humorous love poetry category, you’re probably safe.

Don’t Cry

A touchingly simple or simply touching poem offering a small degree of solace to those who have been unlucky (or ill treated) in love.

Snooze Ville

Beds are not just for sleeping in… …there's also dozing, and dreaming, and a great deal more besides.

The Wonderful Girl I See

Is it the embodiment self-deprecating humour? Or a gently amorous poem about a loved one whose modestly borders on naivety?

Sweet Expectations

A poem which is simultaneously light and fluffy, dark and mysterious.


A poem which mixes business with pleasure, age with beauty and thoughts best left unspoken.