Broadband Connection

I knew her name
And her email address
And I knew she was a poet
But that was all I guess
From her writing I divined a little more
She was clearly a Christian
And seemed to be an optimist
But I learned little more than this
Her profile only told me her age
And that we were from the same country
However I thought I should contact her
I don’t really know why
I don’t make a habit of it
It’s not in my nature to pry
And I’m not one to seek out correspondents
I have never foisted myself
I’ve never been a joiner of things
Or active looked for acquaintance
However I felt almost compelled
No I actually felt compelled
There was something you see
In her writing I suppose
That struck a chord in me
A kindred spirit possibly
Maybe we saw through the same eyes
Or shared the same moral compass
Or both like apple pies
I don’t know what it was
A connection of some kind
On some obscure level
I should say quite clearly
There was no romantic motive
I’m wasn’t looking for a lover
That ship sailed long ago
Nor did I need a companion
So what prompted it, I don’t know
That aside I then faced the problem
Of what I should say to her
I couldn’t say I felt compelled
Or I felt there was a connection
She would have thought me mad
But while I struggled to find the words
A message popped into my inbox
And it was from her, I opened it instantly
Read the first line and smiled
“I hope you don’t mind me contacting you
I’m not sure what prompted me to write”
Isn’t life strange?

Long Distance Romance

A challenging poem about loving someone for their intellect and poetic prowess.


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