You Must Know I Love You

You must know I love you
I hope I show you that I do
For the sweetest moments in my life
Are the ones I spend with you

You are my first thought
When I awake to the new day
And the last thing on my mind
At night when I drift away

I wish I could tell you
Of the love that’s in my heart
I want you to feel the depth of love
I’ve felt for you from the start

I would use sweet phrases
And sugary words of love
The sweetest ever known
Speaking of columbine and dove

No the words that I must choose
Are the simplest that I can use
What I'm feeling deep inside
Is the deepest love for you

A Poem About Togetherness

A poem which is first and foremost about togetherness - the strong romantic bond that comes from being in a lasting relationship.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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