So I Will Give You My Heart

You are a vision in my eye
A veritable goddess, exquisite
Perfection, that’s what I see
When I look at you
But when you look my way
You don’t really see me
It’s as if I am invisible
You look right through me
You don’t even see my beating heart
So full of love for you
More with every passing day
But I cannot make you see me
So I will give you my heart,
I can give nothing more
Being invisible and insubstantial
Here it is, take my heart
Guard it and keep it secure
Until that moment when
You feel the same as I
And the heart I gave to you
Becomes more precious than a gem
That instant when your heart
Takes you unawares
And I am no longer invisible
That moment you crave to be with me
And will be content
To be my only love

A Cloak of Invisibility

Is is better to be overlooked than spurned? A putative lover finds that he is adorned with a cloak of invisibility as far as the object of his affections is concerned, but this only makes him more ardent in his pursuit.


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Romantic Poems

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