More Valentines Love Poems

A final collection of Paul's love poems for Valentine's day. Whether you're looking for a valentine for a partner, or a poem which reflects the state of your relationship, Paul's poetry covers the breadth of the emotional landscape, from innocence to intimacy, from youth to maturity, from contentment to confrontation. What binds to collection is a love of language and a unusual honesty about the nature of love and the joys and angonies it brings. Valentines Day is not, for everyone, a bed of roses!

Valentine Question

Whilst some men might be tempted to leave buying the flowers until February 15th, when they return to their regular price, such actions have dire consequences.

If I

If I is a poem that poses as a series of questions. Whether they are num or nonne questions depends on your reading of the poem and your view of romance.

Every Corner Of The World I

The writer finds incomparable beauty in his beloved…

Every Corner Of The World II

…and expresses his undying love for her.

52, Nature’s Child

Writing introductions to Paul's valentines poems can become a little repititious, because he either has one true love who is has myriad virtues beyond compare, or a series of loved ones whom he has successfully kept secret from his wife, or a wonderfully vivid imagination.


A sad valentines poem about the trauma and bitter memories of one who has been spurned.


A poem about love triangles, rather than the equally delicious Dairy Lea cheese triangles. It's been chosen as a valentines poem as it draws together all the anguish and guilt that Valentine's Day can bring to situations of unreciprocated love.

Cupid Fired

A sad poem about a woman's valentines wishes that have failed to come true over the years.

I Give To You a Rosebud

A tender and romantic poem with which to pledge your undying love on Valentines Day.

I First Saw You

Pained as I am to describe other people's poems as simple, I First Saw You is a fast paced poem which races from first meeting to romance in eight punchy lines.

Accept Me Please new valentines poem

A 'warts and all' poem, which may or may not imply warts at all.

We Are At The Beginning new valentines poem

Pledging to spend a lifetime together at the very outset of a relationship is either the embodiment of the romantic ideal or the triumph of hope over experience.

You Are The One new valentines poem

A tanatalsing poem which dangles the possibility of crossing the bridge from platonic to romantic relationship.

Just Say

A joyously upbeat conclusion to our selection of valentines poems. Just say you love me...