Tainted Love

Cursed our souls
When cupids arrow
Missed its aim
And speared our hearts
Hearts not free to love
Hearts otherwise wedded
In blessed union

But cupid’s strike
Left us fettered
Bound together
With loves chains
Enslaving us
Bonding us with love

Conjugated by fate
Entangled marionettes
Puppets of love
Reluctantly performing
To another’s will

Held in love's grip
By fates curse
That bittersweet gift
Of deceitful ardour
Duplicitous romance
Forbidden passion
That gift of love
With the curse of betrayal

Knowing loves intimacy
The joy of closeness
The warmth of tenderness
Passion made manifest
Emboldened the psyche
Elevated the soul
Flames of passion
Burning deeply
Cleansing all
But the guilt

Enchanted by Eros
Beguiled by Amor
Spellbound by adoration
But gripped by fear
Fear of being together
Fear of discovery
But the overriding fear
Of separation

An Unhappy Union

If the title conjures up the aural assault that was the Soft Cell song of the early 1980s, be assured that Paul's conjoin twin is gentler, but similarly impenetrable.


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