Kiwi Girl

She was a tiny little thing
Barely five foot, Pint size
But larger than life
With huge grey eyes

Her first words were
I’m not an Aussie
I’m from New Zealand
And I’m a Kiwi

Christened Katherine
She preferred Kitty
At first glance
I thought she was pretty

Perhaps not beautiful
Well not obviously so
But certainly pretty
But not to the shallow

She was not compelled
By fashion or fad
In her cargo pants
And shirt of plaid

Her stocking feet
Made little sound
As on fairy steps
She flitted around

She had a delicious chuckle
Rich and fruity
When she laughed
Was when I saw beauty

A smile lit up her face
And her big eyes
Transformed her
From pupae to butterfly

Her laughing eyes
Glanced aside
And she was caught
Her look was spied

Her pale skin
As she blushed
Turns to crimson
And away she rushed

Though she dressed
Not to impress
She had a figure
Hidden, nonetheless

My eyes followed her
Though no others did
My pretty Kitty
This gorgeous Kiwi kid

Do you try to hide?
From the wicked world
The pretty girl inside
Oh lovely Kiwi girl

Because I already spied
The pretty girl inside
When first I looked
Into her big grey eye

A Romantic Narrative Poem

Small and alluring, the antipodean girl with the huge grey eyes entrances the author with her vivacity and inner beauty.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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