A Life is merely moments
Like the links of a chain
Just moments
Some fleeting
Some lingering
Sometimes singular
Sometimes strung together
One upon another
To make experiences
In turn making a life whole
Life consists only of moments
Moments that comfort
Moments that elate
Moments of sadness
Moments of joy
Moments of pain
Moments of ecstasy
Moments to cherish
Some moments are finite
Others radiate through a life
Like ripples on a pond
Left by a rising fish
Others remain rooted in the past
Becoming distant memories
Yet some are perfect moments
And are easily recalled
In perfect clarity
You are my most precious moment

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

A Love That Lingers

A tender, contemplative poem for Valentine's Day which reflects on the qualities which transforms love from something ephemeral into a bond which is lasts a lifetime.


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