More Romantic Valentines Poems

A second collection of romantic valentines poems for lovers and those hoping to fall in love on this most auspicious of days. Once again, Paul treats us to love poems which are tender and heartfelt, but at the same time honest about the pains and pitalls of forming and sustaining relationships.

I Am Not Special

A self-deprecating poem in which something extraordinary happens to someone who professes to be entirely ordinary.

I Don’t Like Repetition

A poem which proposes that you can't have too much of a good thing, at least on the protestations of love front.

I've Lost My Heart To Another

If you're looking for a valentines poem for your girlfriend or wife, this could be the one for you. It's sincere, lyrical and not overly saccharine.

Love Struck

Beautiful in its simplicity, Love Struck describes that love at first sight moment which is perhaps commoner in literature than in real life.

A Long Ago World

A romantic retrospective which combines the innocence of youth with the sincerity of experience.

I Should Have Said

A really sweet poem (awful word, but just right in this case) with which to restate your love for someone you're been in a relationship with for a while, but perhaps taken a little too much for granted. That's most of us then!

When I First Laid Eyes On Her

True romantics will recognise a 'love at first sight' poem with an intriguing twist.

Fleet Young Footsteps

We usually talk about falling head over heels in love, but this is an example of a precipitate,headlong rush into the arms of romance.

Always and Forever

A poem which expresses eternal love for another and the hope that this love might be reciprocated. While not explicitly a valentines poem, the romantic sentiments makes it ideal as a valentines verse for either a man or a woman on Valentine's Day.

Ode To My Beau

An old fashioned love poem with which to express admiration and adoration for the man in your life. If you dream of being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armour, you're half way there.

Then and Only Then

Will I ever stop loving you? The central thesis of this romantic poem is that I'll only stop loving you if one of a number unlikely events occur. It may sound cold and emotionless, but Then and Only Then is a declaration of true and enduring love.

I Want You

The repetition on the phrase I want may bring to mind a petulant child, but this is an adult love poem which is overflowing with emotion and makes a tender and thoughtful valentines love poems.

My Beacon

If you've fallen in love with a female astronomer, this is the perfect valentines poem for you (and her). Others with be beguiled by the stellar allusions and the self-deprecating stance adopted by the male protagonist.

Of Course, You Know I Love You

A valentines poem to be deployed by the bashful or the tongue tied, who may love someone passionately, yet never quite get round to expressing their love in words.


A romantic poem which examines what love means in the context of a lasting and committed relationship.