Humorous Love Poems 3

A riotous assembly of ribald romantic poetry to continue our peregrinations into the highways and bye ways of the lustful and the lovelorn. Perhaps a slightly hyperbolic introduction to a collection of poems which are light, humorous and surprisingly clean and wholesome.

Under The Clock

Blinds dates are bad enough at the best of times…

Dear Lost And Found

Pathos personified in a bitter sweet poem about love and loss.

Doctor My Eyes

A lovelorn patient consults a doctor about an ocular abnormality.

Here, There And Everywhere

Persist, as the ending is unexpected and cute in a slightly nauseating way.

Tunnel Of Self Love

If you think the poem's title suggests an example of euphemism in excelsis, you'll be pleased to discover that it's a relatively simple poem about narcissism.

Lost Property Inquiry

A poem about how being thrown over can deprive you of more than your dignity.

L For Librarian

A librarian is transformed when taken out of her natural environment.

Vital Statistics

A touching poem which lays out what the author is looking for in a woman and reaches a surprising conclusion.

My Sweater Girl

A nostalgic poem about a girl he once new who really cut a dash.

Mix And Match

A slightly tongue-in-cheek poem about building the perfect woman!

The Most Perfect Woman

Paul enters the anatomical sweet shop for a second attempt at creating his romantic ideal of womanhood.

We Were Like A Kit

Tentative young lovers take their first steps towards physical intimacy.

In The Eye of the Beholder

A humorous, sensuous love poem with an unexpected twist.

The Hold Out new humorous love poem

A poem which will irk feminists, as the subject is wild speculation as to why the female protagonist isn't up for it. The conclusion reached is however surprisingly touching.

There’s Something About A Cellist

A humorous poem about the enchantment that the author feels for a very special cellist.